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Aperture & Depth of Field

Depth of field is the distance range in a photo where everything is in sharp focus. Using depth of field to take pictures can help you define what you want in and out of focus in an image. It can cause the background to become out of focus while your subject is in sharp view.  You can also use a high aperture in order to get everything within a large distance in the photo frame into focus.  In the pictures I have taken I usually like to use a small depth of field because I think pictures can come out beautiful this way. Here is an example I took comparing a low aperture setting to a high one.

In this first image I took the photo with a very small aperture of f/22.

In the second image I used a large aperture of f/3.5

Using a larger aperture makes a small depth of field. This can make for some reall pretty photos!


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