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camera obscura – Latin for “dark room”

stop – used in every aspect of photography to represent a relative change in the brightness of light.

shutter – blocks all light from exposing the film UNTIL you press the button. Then it quickly opens and closes, giving the film a brief flash of light.

aperture – Before light reaches film, it must pass through an opening called an “Aperture”.

shutter speed – determines how long the shutter stays open

depth of field – The distance range in a photographic image where everything is in acceptable sharp focus.

exposure – the amount of light that’s able to reach the camera’s CCD sensor

focal length – the distance (in mm) from the optical center of the lens to the focal point, which is located on the CCD sensor

additive primariesthe red, blue and green, or RGB of the basic color model

additive secondariescreated by adding the primaries of the RGB color model.


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